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Fear grips Kahawatte In Shock As Murders Continue

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“There have been 11 murders reported in Kahawatte of which 14 were women. All the murders were in similar fashion.

The murders were either over land, property issues or family dispute or over a relationship issue. However the murders are all not connected. They are unrelated,” he said.

However despite the assurances by the police the people living in the Kahawatte area spend their day to day lives in fear. Women in the area are terrified and have even asked their husbands who are working far away from home to come back.
In order to address the concerns of the village they setup a police post in the area with a 10 member police team.The police post was setup following the murder of two sisters Dayawathi and Thilakawathi.

However the recent murders which took place on the 19th of this month was just 100 meters away from the police post.

Premawathi is a mother of four and was staying with her daughter Pushpakumari following the death of her husband. Pushpakumari was employed at a store in Kahawatte. Police spokesman Ajith Rohana says a two member CID team and another police team are investigating the latest incident

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